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  • Door Mount Dog Door Double Flap

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    Flap Size / Stock #FlapRough CutOutside Frame
    SMALLSingle Flap6"w x 11"h
    03PP068 3/8" w x 15"h9 7/16" x 16"h
    Double Flap6"w x 10"h
    MEDIUMSingle Flap8"w x 15"h
    03PP0810 1/2"w x 19"h11 1/2"w x 20"h
    Double Flap8"w x 14"h
    LARGESingle Flap10"w X 19"h
    03PP1012 1/2"w x 23"h13 9/16"w x 24"h
    Double Flap10"w x 18"h
    X-LARGESingle Flap12"w x 23"h
    03PP1214 5/8"w x 27 1/8" h15 5/8" w x 28"h
    Double Flap12"w x 22"h

    This Endura Flap Door Mount Pet Door is the newest, most innovative design ever made. Receiving the 2007 DOGFANCY EDITORS' CHOICE AWARD.

    You have the choices of a single versus double flap mount pet door. If your not sure which dog door best suites your needs, we recommend the single flap version. We feel this is adequate for all but the most demanding climates. If you feel that storm windows are needed over your current double pane glass windows, you will want to choose the double flap version.


    New Extreme Performance "Endura" Flap Design - The very best, most durable, engineered pet door flap ever made. It seals, insulates and will last forever. No need to ever replace worn out, leaking or cracked pet door flaps ever again.

    High Aspect Ratio Design: This dog door has improved security with the versatility of being used for a small, medium or large pet. This door mount dog door has the capability of being shared by a smaller pet.

    **Beefy Aluminum framing which completely hides the mounting hardware.

    *Self-Framing for all doors 1/2" - 1 3/4" single flap version. (Adjusting the single flap to less than 1 3/8" requires cutting the trim frame with a jig saw)

    ** Sturdy Locking Cover allows you to keep your pets in or out. Included in your purchase is a easy to use clip lock which is a huge improvement over the older version of the spring loaded pin locks.

    * Available to purchase in a variety of 4 sizes that will fit your pets needs. From #6 for cats and small dogs to the #12 for very big dogs.

    The double flap versions and the #10 and #12 single flap versions are not recommended for use by cats or tiny dogs.

    **Superior Customer Protection: 90 day return, 10 Year Warranty, 15 Year Warranty on the Endura flap assembly.

    100% Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in the USA

    Installing a Endura Flap door mount pet door can be a great advantage to your pet allowing them the freedom to enter or exit a desired area in your home.

    No more having to get up every time to let your pet in or out.