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Measuring Your Pet


Appropriate Size Needed to fit your pet.


Step 1. MEASURING HIS WIDTH    Open a door as wide as you need for your pet to walk through comfortably.  Call your pet through the opening to make sure it is a comfortable fit for him.    Measure that width!  This measurement that you just performed will be the width of the flap that you will need.   By measuring your pet directly, chances are you will over-estimate your pets size and you may order a larger door then is actually needed, costing you more in the long run.

 Step 2.  MEASURE THE WITHERS           To find this measurement, stand next to your pet and measure his height from the floor to the top of his shoulders.  This is called the withers.   When ordering your door, add one additional inch to his shoulder height.      This will be the measurement you will need when deciding which door best fits your pets needs.  

 Step 3.  ALLOW FOR THE RISE      The Panel Pet Door  has a "user adjustable rise" feature which allows you to adjust the top or bottom of the pet door to accommodate the height of your pet.   This feature is a huge advantage when you have two pets that will be using the same pet door.  When figuring the "rise" that is needed for your pet, this measurement should not exceed 1/3 of your pets height at his withers.   Example:  If your pet measures 20" at the withers and the top of the flap he uses is at 22".  The flap is 15" tall so he is stepping over 7".   This would be a great fit for him.

PLEASE NOTE:  Remember you can always get a door which is a little bit larger, but do not get a door which is to small for you pet.  Below are some guidelines which may help in your decision on the proper size that you will need.


Door Sizes and Pet Weight

If your cat is smaller than 15 lbs or your dog smaller than 8 lbs, a flap size around 5" x 7" will be appropriate

If your dog is between 8 lbs. and 35 lbs consider a flap size around 8" x 11".

If your dog is between 35 lbs. and 80 lbs. consider a flap size around 10" x 15".

If your dog is over 80 lbs. consider a flap size of 15" x 20".

Take into consideration the age of your pet.  A young one will grow and a more mature one may need assistance in years to come.